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Tiantong Food comes to Jiuqu old man nursing home to donate loves Tiantong Food comes to Jiuqu old man nursing home to donate lovesTiantong Food comes to Jiuqu old man nursing home to donate lovesTiantong Food comes to Jiuqu old man nursing home to donate loves
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Quality assurance

Procurement management

The purchasing department will make the raw material and packages purchasing lists according to the demand plan of production department as well as the sales department demand

Logistics and exportation

The goods are loaded by professional truck team, will strictly follow the container loading procedures to load the goods, pre-loading, each lot goods must be checked and signed by relevant staff to make sure each carton is complete and in good condition.

Processing control

The company introduce advanced production and quality monitoring equipments. Operation personnel strictly follow international standard, which provide good quality and clean products.

Products inspection

The company pays much attention on quality, in main process especially raw material inspection, inside packing material inspection.

    The OEM business is for the overseas sales,we will also develop the new products according to the overseas customer feedback and market research. At moment,, the product are exported to Canada, USA, UK, Germany, France, New Zealand, Japan, Holland,Ukraine, and Malaysia. We have established good long- term cooperation with many famous companies······

    Welcome to Shandong Tiantong Food Co., ltd.!
    Since its establishment, Tiantong team is always devoting all their efforts to make it develop stably, after decades development, with the hard-working of the company internal team, as well as the supports from customers,government officials, professors, and medias, now Tiantong is already developed into a national key agriculture manufacturer in canned industry.We much appreciate these helps and supports, we do believe these helps and supports will inspires us to make Tiantong better in the future. Hereby, I on behalf on all Tiantong employees to express our best regards to all of you! MORE>>

Company style
Producing healthy and safe food to create a happy life

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